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Tomahawk Robotics to Provide US Marine Corps With Unmanned Systems

The US Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) has awarded Tomahawk Robotics a $6.5 million contract for the Autonomy and Robotics Enhanced Multi-Domain Infantry Squad (ARTEMIS) program.

The agreement involves delivering six additional unmanned systems and several ground radios to the US Marine Corps.

Tomahawk Robotics will complete work on the order by 2024.

Universal Robotic Control in ARTEMIS

The US Department of Defense launched the ARTEMIS initiative to develop a fully-integrated common control and communications platform for the unmanned capabilities of the US Marine Corps.

It will enable interoperability in centralized robotic control legacy Program of Record systems, next-generation unmanned systems, and dismounted payloads.

Integrating universal robotic control technologies to ARTEMIS will give infantry units “significant improvements in situational awareness, mission success, and lethality to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s battlefield,” according to Tomahawk Robotics.

Kinesis Ecosystem

The announcement follows a contract awarded to the company in 2021 to support MCWL’s RAID (Radio Agile Integrated Device) program.

Under RAID, Tomahawk Robotics supplied a fully-integrated common control and communications platform for unmanned ground and aerial systems.

Systems ordered for RAID and ARTEMIS are operated through “Kinesis Ecosystem,” an AI-powered multi-domain, cross-architecture control system that “unlocks intuitive interaction with remote environments from across the room or around the world.”

“This is another major step forward in our work to deliver AI-enabled universal robotic command and control for our men and women in uniform,” Tomahawk Robotics CEO Brad Truesdell said.

“Through this program, we will deliver products providing for the safe, efficient, and intuitive control of robotic systems by the US Marine Corps.”

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