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Romania Looking to Procure 18 Turkish-Made Bayraktar Drones

After seeing their apparent success in Russia’s war on Ukraine, Romania plans to procure Bayraktar TB2 drones to help improve its air defense capabilities.

Romania’s defense ministry has submitted a parliamentary request to purchase 18 Bayraktar TB2 drones from Turkish defense firm Baykar.

The request includes $300 million for logistics support and training equipment.

According to the ministry, the drones will be used by its ground forces to support the country’s NATO military endowment plans.

Romania has been a member of NATO since 2004 and has a permanent alliance battlegroup stationed on its territory.

“We are talking about 18 drones and the logistics support package and training elements,” defense ministry spokesperson Brigadier General Constantin Spanu said.

“The price is estimated based on the information available to the Ministry of Defence. The final price will be discussed after the approval of parliament and will be determined after negotiations.”

Apparent Success

Romania’s decision to acquire more than a dozen Bayraktar drones comes amid reports that the unmanned systems successfully neutralized Russian military assets during its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The drones have reportedly provided crucial air power to slow Russian advances, destroying 10 Russian helicopters, six armored fighting vehicles, and six naval ships.

The Bayraktar was also responsible for neutralizing Russian artillery systems, command posts, anti-aircraft guns, and a communication station.

Behind the drone’s power, Baykar said, are advanced features such as 27-hour endurance, 300-kilometer communication range, and four laser-guided smart munitions.

“Bayraktar TB2 is a medium-altitude, long-endurance tactical unmanned aerial vehicle capable of conducting intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and armed attack missions,” the company stated.

“An onboard avionic suite with a triple redundant avionic system encompasses units, enabling a fully autonomous taxiing, take-off, landing, and cruise.”

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