Latvia Achieves Milestone in Military Aid for Ukraine, Eyes Further Donations

Latvia’s military aid to Ukraine has reached 300 million euros ($299.5 million) since the Russian invasion began in February, the ministry of defense announced.

Donations from citizens, private firms, and non-governmental organizations have amounted to an additional 17.7 million euros ($17.7 million).

“This war will be long, our and other countries’ support is one of the prerequisites for Ukraine’s survival and independence,” Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks said.

“Latvia is a leader in providing support and sets an example for other countries in Europe and around the world,” Pabriks added.

The military aid provided includes arms, anti-tank weapons, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, self-propelled howitzers, drones, helicopters, fuel, dry food rations, and medical equipment.

Entrepreneurs for Peace

During a visit to Ukraine from August 22 to 25, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Baiba Bļodniece also delivered additional donations from Latvian citizens and companies to humanitarian groups.

Through a Latvian initiative called “Entrepreneurs for Peace,” Ukrainian forces received clothing and easy-to-prepare food products. The Latvian National Armed Forces also included their latest donation of military equipment.

Vehicles donated through the initiative have been extremely useful to Ukrainian National Guard units, according to International Military-Religious Cooperation Senior Expert Elmārs Pļaviņš.

Some of the donated vehicles were passed on to other state agencies to “ensure that foreign aid is taken over and delivered to the places where it is most needed,” he said.

“Ukraine will overcome the Russian attack. It’s only a matter of time. But our support, especially as the cold weather approaches, is greatly appreciated,” Bļodniece said.

“I would like to convey the thanks of the defenders of Ukraine to our domestic companies and donors – we receive them in every city we visit,” she continued.

Entrepreneurs for Peace is currently working on an initiative to raise donations amounting to 7 million euros ($6.9 million) in the form of advanced technological solutions and other related military equipment for Ukrainian troops.

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