US Army Fields New Swiss-Designed Submachine Guns

The US Army has finished arming soldiers with 315 9×19-millimeter APC9K submachine guns referred to as sub-compact weapons.

The delivery and fielding of the new weapon system are part of a $2.5 million agreement between the US Army and Swiss gunmaker B&T in 2019.

Although the service can exercise an option to procure as many as 1,000 APC9Ks under the contract, the US Army opted to purchase only 315 units.

According to reports, the purchase quantity is limited because the weapons are only intended for special international operations.

The first APC9K submachine guns were distributed to security branch personnel in 2019.

The APC9K Submachine Gun

The APC9K is a new submachine gun that uses a closed-bolt blowback system and has a maximum rate of fire of 1,080 rounds per minute.

Weighing just 5.9 pounds (2.6 kilograms), the gun has a 30-round magazine, foregrip, and aimpoint red microdot aiming sight.

An accessory tail at the top allows the attachment of small optics, aiming lasers, tactical lights, and other accessories.

B&T’s APC9K was selected by the US Army after it beat proposals from more than ten other companies, including Heckler and Koch.

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