Kraken Partners With Thales to Further Develop K50 Precision Engagement Craft

English maritime technology firm Kraken Technology Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with Thales for the ongoing development and systems provision for Kraken’s K50 maritime precision engagement platform.

The collaboration includes the development of “advanced composite high-performance craft and hybrid powertrain solutions,” which will be built at a new engineering center.

Weapons for K50

Thales will also potentially integrate a range of sensors and weapons equipment into the K50.

The French multinational pitched its Lightweight Multi-role Missile (LMM) for integration onto the vessel.

The LMM is a lightweight precision strike missile that can be fired from a range of tactical platforms. It’s designed for quick reaction to a range of threats, including small ships, fast inshore attack craft, and drones.

This aligns “perfectly with Kraken’s key principles of high performance, multi-role use and adaptability,” the company said.

Kraken K50

The K50 is a rapid response vehicle that can operate solo or in a swarm. It can be equipped with heavy weapons for surface and aerial interception but also offers mission-specific customization.

The boat is the “spiritual successor” of renowned powerboats active during World War II, including Motor Torpedo Boats, PT Boats, and Motor Gun Boats.

In April, the company announced it had secured additional investment to develop its K50, which has been designed for rapid response, precision engagement, and protection of critical offshore infrastructure. 

The platform includes multiple modular systems and sensors that can deliver semi-autonomous operational capabilities.

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