Turkey Inducting Indigenous Man-Portable Anti-Aircraft Missile

Turkish defense firm Roketsan has begun delivering the man-portable Sungur anti-aircraft missile to the Turkish Armed Forces, Turkish Defense Industry Agency president Ismail Demir revealed.

The company has delivered the first batch of the variant, expected to replace the FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missile. 

Vehicle-Mounted Version Operational

The Turkish Armed Forces already operates the vehicle-mounted version of the weapon as a short-range air defense system.

The missile is effective against aerial threats such as cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, low-flying fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, according to the manufacturer.

The missile is reportedly being integrated with air and naval platforms as well.  


The missile warhead consists of a high-explosive partial piercing warhead and a programable fuse. 

The fire-and-forget missile can strike targets at 500 meters to eight kilometers (0.31-5 miles) and an altitude of four kilometers (2.48 miles).

It can be integrated with the HERIKKS-6 air defense early warning command and control system and also features Identification Friend or Foe.

Best in Class

Demir claimed that Sungur is better than other man-portable air defense systems in its category.

“The weapon stands out with its imaging infrared seeker head, which is resistant to deception countermeasures, with a longer range than its counterparts, and the opportunity to lock on enemy elements from a greater distance than the eye can see,” he wrote on Twitter.

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