EU Approves $102M for Hypersonic Missile Interceptor Program

The European Commission’s European Defence Fund Program Committee has approved 100 million euros ($102 million) for the European Hypersonic Defense Interceptor (EU HYDEF) project concept phase.

The EU HYDEF project involves 13 companies and organizations from seven nations to develop a counter-hypersonic endo-atmospheric interceptor by 2035. 

Three-Year Concept Phase 

The three-year concept phase will involve “risk reduction and demonstration of an efficient endo-atmospheric interceptor capable of operating at different flight levels,” one of the companies involved in the project, SENER Aeroespacial, wrote in a statement.

“(It) will include an innovative aerodynamic control system for high maneuverability, very agile guiding concepts and advanced sensor and search systems.”

Related to TWISTER Project 

The EU HYDEF is related to the France-led Permanent Structured Cooperation’s Timely Warning and Interception with Space-based TheatER surveillance (TWISTER) project. 

The multi-national TWISTER project seeks to develop a system capable of detecting, tracking, and countering threats, including “maneuvering ballistic missiles with intermediate ranges, hypersonic or high-supersonic cruise missiles, hypersonic gliders, and more conventional targets such as next-generation fighter aircraft” by 2030.

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