Avioniq to Offer Modeling, Simulation Tech for UK Hypersonic Program

The UK Ministry of Defence has selected Avioniq to develop modeling and simulation software for the country’s maiden hypersonic missile development effort.

Avioniq’s technology will be assessed for Lot 2 of the Hypersonic Technologies & Capability Development Framework agreement to rapidly develop the country’s first hypersonic missile over the next seven years.

Around 90 organizations are eligible to bid for contracts for the 1-billion-pound ($1.3-billion) eight-lot framework agreement.

Lot 2 covers modeling, simulation, and mission planning.

Avioniq’s Software

Avioniq’s AqLab and AqModel modeling and simulation software provides quick and accurate analysis, replication, and prediction of behavior and performance of missile systems and subsystems.

“Models produced within the Avioniq ecosystem can be used by stakeholders across the missile modeling supply chain in runtime simulations for scenario simulation, large Monte Carlo simulations and black box solvers, and simulator- and live aircraft-based mission rehearsal and training activities,” the Swedish technology firm stated.

“The Avioniq model simulation framework allows users to reduce the time needed to produce, analyze and work with accurate missile models by an order of magnitude, reducing the time to build them from months – even years – to hours or days,” Avioniq’s founder and CEO Mikael Grev said

“This allows users to greatly condense their missile model development timescales significantly, producing accurate models that can be used across the supply chain for a multitude of applications.”

Hypersonic Development Framework 

The framework agreement seeks spiral development of hypersonic research into capability through nine varying technical readiness levels.

Alongside established defense firms and academic institutions, nearly half of the suppliers will be small and medium enterprises, most of them from the UK.

The framework will reopen to new suppliers every six to 12 months in order to benefit from new technologies and emerging market capabilities.

“Hypersonics will be a landmark capability of the future and it is essential we keep pace with the developments of our adversaries,” Minister for Defence Procurement James Cartlidge said.

“The Framework sends a clear demand signal to the UK industry of our intention to develop hypersonics, which is critical for the nearly 50% of the suppliers which will be Small and Medium Enterprises.”

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