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Raytheon to Install Electronic Warfare Systems on Australian Bushmasters

The Australian government has awarded Raytheon a 75 million Australian dollar ($52 million) contract to install electronic warfare systems on its Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles.

The contract includes the supply, training, and maintenance of the warfare systems.

The modifications will improve the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) capability to monitor and control the electronic environment and neutralize enemy electronics.

“The Government is committed to increasing the ADF’s ability to operate and fight in complex electromagnetic environments,” Minister for Defence Industry Hon. Pat Conroy said in a July 18 press release.

“The Project will complement air and maritime force level electronic warfare systems, further enhancing these capabilities when deployed in combination as a Joint Force,” he added.

Electronic Warfare

The field of electronic warfare (EW) and systems such as Raytheon’s have proven increasingly vital on the modern battlefield for the detection, identification, and control of signals active in the electromagnetic spectrum during combat.

EW systems target and disrupt communications from radars to infrared transmissions, providing a crucial edge to warfighters through technologies such as electromagnetic attack, electromagnetic support, and electromagnetic protection. 

Such systems can be controlled through devices in command centers or integrated into vehicles such as the Bushmaster for detection, denial, and disruption.

Multi-Role Armored Vehicle

Developed by Thales, the Bushmaster is an armored combat vehicle deployed throughout the ADF. 

Weighing 15 tons and able to carry a 4-ton payload, the armored troop carrier is used for troop transport, protection, and as an ambulance. The 4×4 protected vehicle can go off-road and carries up to 10 personnel.

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