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Russia Claims Use of Electromagnetic Weapon Against Ukrainian Drones

Russia claims to have used an advanced electromagnetic weapon for the first time to neutralize Ukrainian drones.

The development comes as Moscow’s invading forces continue to carry out offensives in Kyiv and neighboring cities.

According to a report by the state-run TASS News Agency, the weapon is the Stupor anti-drone system, which cuts the connection between unmanned systems and their operators.

A military source revealed that the weapon has demonstrated its operability and efficiency in jamming surveillance and combat drones.

“Just as you press a button, Stupor jams the operator’s signal to the drone,” the source told the media outlet. “After that, the drone is neutralized and forced to land in a designated area.”

The source further noted that the need for portable anti-drone weapons has become evident in the ongoing war, as Kyiv continues to deploy a large number of unmanned systems.

Stupor Anti-Drone System

Developed by the Main Robotics Research and Test Center, the Stupor transmits an electromagnetic pulse to block the channel used to direct and operate unmanned systems.

As a result, drones lose the connection with their controllers and crash to the ground.

The weapon can also block drone cameras and their navigation and transmission channels.

It reportedly has a range of two kilometers (1.24 miles) and a 20-degree field of effect.

Despite being described as a “highly efficient” gun, the Stupor causes no damage to drone hardware.

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