Intercepted Call Reveals Russian Frustration Over Defective Equipment

An intercepted conversation among Russian soldiers revealed their frustration over defective military equipment and increasing Ukrainian resistance to Moscow’s aggression.

According to the conversation published on the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry’s Telegram and reported by The New Voice of Ukraine, a Russian soldier was overheard saying he and his team came under heavy fire from the Ukrainian military.

He also disclosed that Kyiv pounded them with automatic grenade systems in the morning.

“Some ‘transits’ were driving around. They did not just hit us, they also [pummeled] someone else there,” the soldier said in the intercepted call.

Another Russian soldier said that a tank unit near them also came under fire.

He reported wounded and dead comrades using Russian military codes.

Other Issues

The intercepted conversation also revealed that several Russian soldiers were already complaining about the shortage of personnel a few months after President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion.

“We have three people on duty here all day,” the soldier stated. “There’s barely time to sleep.”

Another soldier claimed that there were issues with the equipment provided to attack Ukraine.

“Trash everywhere!” he said. “Either (the tank) drives and doesn’t shoot, or it shoots and doesn’t drive.”

‘Low Morale’

Several media outlets have reported that Russian forces are currently suffering “low and rapidly worsening morale” because of heavy casualties from Ukrainian attacks.

In March, the Ukrainian defense ministry allegedly intercepted a conversation between two Russian officers discussing Major General Vitaly Gerasimov’s death by Ukrainian fire.

Forbes also reported earlier this year that Russia had lost more than $5 billion in military equipment since February 24.

Bellingcat executive director Christo Grozev said in a social media post that losses on the Russian side are “a major demotivator” for its troops.

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