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Saudi Arabia Concludes Military Drill With Red Sea Countries

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has concluded a five-day joint military drill with Red Sea coastal countries Djibouti, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia.

Dubbed “Red Wave-5,” the aim of the drill was to strengthen military cooperation and enhance the maritime security of countries bordering the region.

It also allowed participating military units to exchange combat experiences to increase their readiness in addressing various maritime security issues.

“The Red Wave-5 maneuver witnessed implementing a number of combat training, citing the clearance of fortified sites, intrusion, and live fire shooting in support of combat aircraft and helicopters…” the Saudi Press Agency reported.

As part of the drill, naval units carried out counter-attacks against simulated enemy speedboats to protect vessels loaded with important cargo.

Saudi Arabia and its allies also reportedly utilized Apache helicopters to conduct aerial maneuvers for the first time since the exercise was launched in 2019.

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