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Iraq to Import Advanced Weapons From US, France

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced that it has signed contracts with the US and France to import advanced military weapons and equipment.

According to senior military commander Major General Abd Al-Ardawi, the agreements include the supply of high-powered artillery systems that have recently proven effective in fighting extremist groups.

He claims that cannons capable of targeting enemies at long distances are more effective in battle than aircraft and rifles.

“The import of new guns will be part of the agreements with European countries,” he told the state-owned Iraqi News Agency.

The decision to import new military equipment is part of the government’s ongoing struggle with the Islamic State terror group. Earlier this year, 11 Iraqi soldiers were killed in an overnight attack by the organization.

More Equipment Coming

The Iraqi military also received T-72 tanks and BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles from Bulgaria in February.

The vehicles will be used to support various of missions, including counter-terrorism.

Additionally, Iraqi Air Defense Commander Lieutenant-General Maan al-Saadi revealed that the country might receive “advanced modern” air defense systems this year.

Although the commander provided no specific details, he said the contracts have already been signed.

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