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USSOCOM Invests $10M in Jet Boots Dive Propulsion Systems

US Special Operations Command has awarded Patriot3 Inc. a $10 million contract for the acquisition of Jet Boots Dive Propulsion Systems through 2027.

The roughly 25-pound (11-kilograms) low noise propulsion system comprises a pair of thrusters attached to a diver’s legs, increasing range and speed reportedly up to four knots.

Jet Boots-equipped divers have reportedly swum a dozen miles on a pack of two batteries each.

Maneuverable Swimming Experience 

The thrusters allow drivers hands-free movement underwater and to change direction through head movement during underwater operations such as “reconnaissance, search and rescue, patrol, and hull inspections.”

According to the Virginia-based manufacturer, the system’s fifth-generation thrusters “eliminate the need for dynamic oil filled shaft seals,” and the power cable “attaches to the thruster at a 45 degree angle improving mobility and clearance for gear.” 

Jet Boots Dive Propulsion Systems. Image: Patriot3 Inc.

Hot-Swappable Battery

Moreover, the ”new Thruster Leg Plate provides the operator 6 inches (15 centimeters) of vertical adjustability in its mounted position.”

Jet Boots run on a lithium-ion battery which can be swapped while still on. Other than the thrusters and battery, the system consists of a control box and harness. 

The control box regulates speed and power with a power switch, adjustable thrust knob and a LED battery state of charge indicator. The power switch allows the operator to turn the LED light on and off depending upon the task.

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