US Army Seeks Aging Stinger Missiles Replacement

The US Army has started soliciting information from various defense firms for the potential replacement of the Stinger man-portable air-defense system.

As per the request for information, interested companies must offer soldier-portable solutions and ensure that the system can be integrated with the Stinger Vehicle Universal Launcher.

The new missile must also feature an improved target acquisition capability, increased lethality, and longer ranges to hit various types of enemy air assets.

The US Army plans to begin the design and development phase of the Stinger missile replacement in 2023.

Potential contractors are advised to prepare for a technology demonstration in 2024, consisting of digital simulation, hardware-in-the-loop, and live-fire demonstration.

Other Requirements

The request for information states that the new missile system must be capable of defeating rotary-wing aircraft, drones, and fixed-wing ground attack aircraft, and it must possess capabilities greater than the current Stinger missile.

The replacement should also be suitable for maneuver force operations in all battlefield environments.

“Solutions must be on path to meet insensitive munitions compliance requirements,” the solicitation said. “Solutions must support such considerations as safety, human factors, transportability, mobility, cybersecurity, training, and army integrated logistics support.”

The US government will provide additional operational performance goals for the Stinger replacement upon the request of possible contractors.

The Stinger Missile

The Stinger missile was developed to replace the Redeye man-portable air defense system of the US Army.

It is equipped with a conventional, hit-to-kill warhead projectile and is propelled by a two-stage boost solid propellant flight motor.

The missile’s propulsion system ensures that the weapon operates up to a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet (3 kilometers) and a range of up to 5 miles (8 kilometers).

The Stinger’s Reprogrammable Microprocessor variant will become obsolete in the US in 2023, while the Stinger Block I is undergoing a service life extension.

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