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Naval Group Introducing Belharra Frigate at World Defense Show

French defense contractor Naval Group is introducing its Belharra-class frigate during the first edition of the World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia this week.

The Belharra frigate is a new combat ship designed to support a variety of naval missions, including anti-surface, anti-submarine, and anti-aircraft warfare, maritime security, and control of exclusive economic zones.

It features a modular design, allowing it to be reconfigured to meet the specific needs of naval forces. It is also suitable for operations in congested and contested environments.

France and Greece are among the countries with existing orders for the frigate.

In addition to the Belharra, the company is showcasing its Gowind corvette equipped with a combat management system, innovative structural solutions, and next-generation sensors and weapons.

Naval Group said that the new corvette is responsive to emerging security and defense challenges. It is designed to combat air, naval, and underwater threats.

Twelve units of the Gowind have been sold thus far. Some have been built locally with partners through technology transfer.

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