Nasmyth to Provide Components for British ‘Boxer’ Vehicle

British defense firm Nasmyth Group has been contracted to provide critical components for the UK’s Boxer infantry vehicle.

Awarded by Stockport-based firm WFEL, the agreement covers the supply of precision machined and fabricated components for 10 years. They will be delivered to a WFEL facility in Stockport for assembly.

According to Nasmyth, the contract highlights the company’s commitment and success in manufacturing a wide range of complex components for a variety of military applications.

Meanwhile, WFEL managing director Ian Anderton warmly welcomed the company’s new partner, saying that it is looking forward to their close collaboration on the Boxer project.

Boxer Armored Vehicle

The Boxer armored combat vehicle is designed for long-distance transportation of troops and military supplies in a variety of terrain.

The vehicle’s base platform can reportedly be reconfigured in less than an hour to support various roles, including as infantry carrier, specialist carrier, command vehicle, and mobile medical facility.

The Boxer is equipped with 360-degree, high-definition long-range cameras to scan for enemy threats. A digital display alerts the crew if potential threats are detected.

The vehicle also features an air conditioning system for operations in extreme temperatures, as well as a nuclear, biological, and chemical protection system.

WFEL has been contracted for the fabrication, assembly, and delivery of the Boxers to the British Army.

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