Serbia Purchases Two Airbus C-295 Military Transport Aircraft

The Serbian Ministry of Defence has signed a government-to-government contract with Spain to procure two Airbus C-295 military transport aircraft for 81 million euros ($91 million).

According to the aerospace firm, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić signed the agreement in Madrid with several Airbus and Spanish government representatives in attendance.

As part of the contract, the C-295 twin-engine aircraft will be equipped with the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion modern avionics suite for improved situational awareness and safety.

In addition to the transport aircraft, the deal stipulates that the Serbian military be provided with necessary equipment and training.

“These are first-rate aircraft, among the most widely used aircraft on the planet, characterized by excellent performance in the most adverse flight conditions,” Serbian Assistant Minister of Defence Nenad Miloradović explained.

Deliveries of the C-295 are expected to begin in late 2023.

Airbus C-295 deal
Serbian and Spanish government officials sign an airbus C-295 aircraft contract. Photo: Serbian Ministry of Defence

‘A Powerful Reinforcement’

Developed by Airbus Defence and Space, the C-295 is a next-generation turboprop transport aircraft with short take-off and landing, giving it access to runways close to crisis areas or where supplies and troops are needed.

The aircraft boasts a payload capacity of 9,250 kilograms (20,392 pounds), enabling it to carry “71 troops, 50 paratroopers and five pallets.”

With a flight time of up to 11 hours, the C-295 can support a variety of missions, including medical evacuation, humanitarian operations, troop and equipment transport. It can also be reconfigured to support air-to-air refueling.

Airbus said that the airlifter can operate in all weather conditions and is fully certified for day and night combat missions in theaters as diverse as deserts and maritime environments.

Vučić stated that the multimillion-dollar agreement is important for Serbia’s armed forces. “Transport aircraft provides a powerful reinforcement for our air force,” he said.

For Miloradović, the purchase will bolster Serbian armed forces’ capabilities, enabling them to provide greater support during various missions.

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