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Russia Upgrades ‘Marker’ Ground Combat Robot 

Russia’s NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika has upgraded the Marker combat robot RIA Novosti revealed, citing company executive director Evgeny Dudorov.

The months-long upgrade has resulted in the Marker’s ability to autonomously communicate with a group of ground robots, Dudorov explained.

The decision to upgrade the three-ton ground vehicle was made in February 2021. In October, a report revealed that it would be equipped with anti-drone electronic jamming capability. Additional features include an audio system to alert a “rapid response team” of intrusion.

Testbed for Future Technologies

In addition to acting as an unmanned security guard, the Marker also functions as a technology demonstrator to see which next-generation robotic technologies are viable, Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects CEO Andrei Grigoriyev explained

“The Marker is a robotized platform used for testing the most advanced technologies for second-generation combat robots, which currently only undergo the concept development phase,” he explained.

“Marker is also a concept, developed specifically for testing of the third, fourth and fifth-generation technologies. However, the specific machines will be eventually developed by the Ministry of Defense.”

Navigates, Shoots Bullets

The wheeled platform is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system that allows it to function autonomously for up to three days. It can navigate for several kilometers without human assistance and can fire bullets with discretion.

“We have already taught the Marker to fire not only from a sporting gun but also to hit flying discs from a Kalashnikov machine-gun many times faster than people do,” Foundation Center for Robotics head Oleg Martyanov revealed

Eventually, the developers will use the platform as a testbed for the interaction between ground robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, and special operations forces as part of future warfare models.

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