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Russia’s Marker Robot to Counter Drone Intruders

Developers of Russia’s Marker robotic platform have revealed that their state-of-the-art automatic platform will combat drone intruders, reports state-owned news agency TASS.

Through electronic pulses and capturing network features, the robot can identify various intruders, including unauthorized individuals, motor vehicles, and aerial vehicles. It also reportedly applies countermeasures depending on the threat.

The Marker utilizes an audio system to warn a rapid response team of unauthorized access, also following and intercepting intruders.

“Options of radio electronic jamming of the drone control system, capturing networks and suicide drones to neutralize the intruding UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] are considered in case of drone combating,” the developers said, as quoted by TASS.

The robotic platform was deployed to patrol the Vostochny spaceport in the Russian Far East earlier this month, demonstrating capabilities such as moving in fully autonomous mode and bypassing obstacles.

Additional Features

Developed as part of a joint project between the Advanced Research Fund and the Android Technics Research and Production Association, the robotic vehicle is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system that enables it to function autonomously for up to three days.

The wheeled platform also has a multi-purpose optoelectronic module and is capable of selective firing, distinguishing between enemy troops and civilians.

Meanwhile, Foundation center for robotics head Oleg Martyanov said last year that the Marker has been configured “to fire not only from a sporting gun but also to hit flying discs from a Kalashnikov machine gun many times faster than people do.”

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