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China Upgrades Cold-Resistant Clothing for Border Defense

China is upgrading its cold-resistant clothing and equipment to support border defense troops deployed in high-altitude regions, state-owned Global Times reported.

The move reportedly illustrates the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)’s efforts to improve soldiers’ quality of life and combat capabilities amid increased tensions with India.

Created by the Central Military Commission (CMC) Logistics Support Department, cold-resistant clothing and equipment are being delivered to troops preparing for military operations in harsh winter conditions.

Among the supplies being delivered to border defense troops are sleeping bags, down training coats, and down cotton-padded jackets and pants. This clothing has optimized thermal material and an improved design, making it warmer and more practical in a tactically challenging environment.

The CMC is also working on an improved thermos, a camouflage suit for snipers, anti-fragment goggles, and electrically-heated gloves for troops stationed in high-altitude areas.

‘Getting Logistically Prepared for Winter’

Earlier this month, China’s National Meteorological Center issued the winter’s first snow storm orange alert, its second-highest weather warning level.

In anticipation of a severe winter season, Chinese frontline troops at the China-India border reportedly established new facilities and received new winter gear.

A border regiment commander told the Chinese newspaper that the country has commissioned modern detection devices allowing soldiers to observe the area from inside their military posts.

Barracks on the high-altitude plateau are also operated and heated with multiple energy sources, including coal, electricity, and solar power, to protect troops from the harsh weather.

“We have this capability and confidence to conduct missions and win fights at any time,” PLA official Li Lingchao remarked.

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