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XTEND Raises $20M for AR/AI-Powered Drone Operating System

Israeli drone developer XTEND has raised $20 million in initial funding to ramp up production of its augmented reality and artificial intelligence-powered drone operating system.

Marketing the technology as “enabling operators to safely perform extreme missions with zero learning time,” the developers claim that the platform is extremely intuitive, allowing operators to more safely undertake complex missions.

The system, called XOS, fuses human judgment and artificial intelligence to “enable next level man-machine teaming.” It’s already deployed with the US Department of Defense and Israeli Defense Forces.

In addition to its potential lifesaving applications, defense applications include anti-drone operations while undergoing border patrol missions and defusing improvised explosive devices.

Human Risk Factor

“This is another great step towards removing the ‘human-risk-factor’ from dangerous warfare and tactical combat and Homeland Security scenarios,” XTEND co-founder and CEO Aviv Shapira said of the $20 million in equity financing raised in the company’s Series A round of financing.

The funding allows the Israeli firm to accommodate demand, accelerate market traction, and speed up the development of its new generation drone operating system for autonomy and multi-drone applications.

XTEND’s Trifecta for Drones

Since being founded in late 2018, XTEND has developed a “trifecta for drones:” the XOS operating system, intuitive On-Screen Display, and three drones that can fly both inside and outside.

The first, the Skylord Griffin, “enables any operator to kinetically intercept aerial threats using a resilient ultra-fast drone system.” 

XTEND's Skylord Griffon drone
XTEND’s Skylord Griffon drone. Image: XTEND

The Skylord Wolverine allows users “to perform accurate remote multi-mission tasks in complex environments and engage IED threats without any physical risk.” 

Finally, the Skylord Xtender is a micro intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance drone that can “enter a remote target site, perform recon and data collection tasks, and seamlessly exit with extreme precision.”

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