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India Deploys Upgraded L-70 Anti-Aircraft Guns on China Border

The Indian Army has deployed upgraded L-70 anti-aircraft guns along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) separating India from China.

Deployment of the upgraded gun system is part of India’s initiative to improve its overall operational preparedness amid an ongoing standoff in eastern Ladakh that began last year.

According to Indian Capt. Sariya Abbasi of Army Air Defence, the gun features enhanced target acquisition and automatic target tracking capabilities, allowing it to bring down unmanned aerial vehicles in all weather conditions.

The L-70 is equipped with a muzzle velocity radar that enhances its accuracy. The gun can also be integrated with tactical and fire control radars for added flexibility.

In addition to the anti-aircraft guns, India has deployed M-777 howitzers and Swedish Bofors guns along the China border.

L-70 Modification

Originally manufactured by Swedish defense firm Bofors AB in the 1950s, the legacy guns have been recently modified by Bharat Electronics Limited following the escalation of tensions in eastern Ladakh.

The weapon has been equipped with new electrical servo drives, high-resolution electro-optical sensors, thermal imaging and daylight television cameras, and a laser-range finder.

In September, the army demonstrated the weapon’s capabilities when it intercepted a 0.6-meter wide commercially purchased drone. However, despite the successful test, the system needed to be further refined before it could be deployed to protect territory.

“The limitations associated with the upgraded guns have been overcome by incorporation of state-of-the-art components, latest technology, making it a potent weapon system against all low-level air threats,” Abbasi explained, as quoted by The Hindu.

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