Russia’s Buk-M30 Shows ‘Perfect Accuracy’ in Test

Russia’s newly rearmed Buk-M3 missile system showed 100% accuracy in a live-fire exercise at the Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan Region, according to TASS, citing local media sources.

In the exercises, where combat crews from the Central Military Region’s air defense brigade operated the Buk-M3, a hypothetical enemy was placed for the troops to attack and eliminate. In the scenario, the enemy had air defense weapons that needed to be taken down.

The two types of missiles were launched from the Buk-M3, approaching the targets at 1,000 kph (621 mph) and striking 35-65 km (21-40 mi) away.

The exercise involved more than 500 personnel and 200 pieces of military equipment.

The Buk-M3

The Buk-M3 is part of the Buk missile series, a surface-to-air missile system developed by the Soviet Union in service since 1980.

The platform is designed as a defense against timed explosives, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise missiles.

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