Russia ‘Weaponizing’ AI: Pentagon Intelligence Report

Russia is on the fast track to developing a range of autonomous weapon systems in a challenge to US military dominance, according to a report commissioned by the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC).

“The Russian military seeks to be a leader in weaponizing AI technology,” JAIC director Lt. Gen. Michael Groen recently told National Defense.

AI in Russia

Titled Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy in Russia, the report details more than 150 AI-enabled military systems at various points of development in the country, including autonomous land, sea, air, space, and cyber platforms. 

The goal of these platforms is “information dominance on the battlefield,” according to Groen, something the agency considers a potential threat to America and its allies.

“Russia was not a major leader in the development of the internet or computer networking, but Russia has become a leader in weaponizing those technologies for advanced cyberattacks and cybercrime capabilities,” Groen noted.

Ratcheting up Development

According to Gen. John Hyten of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Moscow has recently accelerated its investments in big data, software, and artificial intelligence.

The country has rapidly accelerated development in areas such as cyberspace, next-gen nuclear weapons, and space, he explained at a June Defense Department AI Symposium. Enhanced AI systems feature prominently in this multi-pronged military approach.

“Russia is a significant threat, especially in the near term,” he said. “It is a challenge to not just keep up with them but stay ahead of them.”

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