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US Army Awards Saab $75M Anti-Armor Ammunition Contract

The US Army has signed a $75 million contract with Saab to purchase ammunition for the Carl Gustaf anti-armor rifle, the Swedish firm revealed in a statement.

The delivery, which includes an allotment for the Marine Corps, will take place in 2022 and comprise seven types of ammunition “including anti-armor, anti-structure, smoke, and illumination rounds,” the statement added.

Erik Smith, President and CEO of Saab US, stated: “Our Carl Gustaf ammunition makes our weapon adaptable and delivers guaranteed effects against armored vehicles, soft targets, and urban structures.” 

Carl Gustaf

Saab’s Carl Gustaf is a man-portable, multi-role weapon system consisting of the “M3A1 Carl Gustaf Recoilless Rifle, a fire-control system, and a backup reflex sight Marines can use if the primary optic malfunctions.”

Designated as a Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapons System (MAAWS) in the US military, Carl Gustaf “is a reusable, long-range weapon that provides the capability to destroy armored vehicles, structures, and fortifications,” Capt. Christopher Adsit, MCSC’s (Marine Corps Systems Command) project officer for the MAAWS, said.

Upgraded Version

The updated Carl Gustaf, the M4, is equipped with intelligent sighting systems and programmable ammunition.

The US military has employed the weapon since 1990. In 2018, the US Army announced its acquisition of the latest version. The contract to buy the M4 was signed in 2021.

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