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US Navy Trials Vessel-Mounted Counter-Drone System

The US Navy has completed the demonstration of its new DroneSentry-X counter-drone system, manufacturer DroneShield revealed.

The system, mounted on the Stiletto experimentation vessel, performed a range of tasks during the six-week exercise including “overall detection capability, detection and defeat ranges, on-the-move operation in various sea states, and effectiveness against drone swarms,” the Australian firm stated.


DroneSentry-X offers non-kinetic jamming capabilities to defeat drones. It can detect a drone from a range of more than 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) and disrupt it at a range of more than 300 meters, a company’s fact sheet states.

The 24.9cm x 24.9cm x 9.1cm (9.8-inch x 9.8-inch x 3.5-inch) device can be mounted on ground-based vehicles and vessels alike. It weighs 25.7 kilograms (56.6 pounds) and can be deployed at a fixed site, with an option of remote operator access. The system can be operated manually and automatically.

Protection Against Drone Swarm

DroneSentry-X’s open architecture and interoperability allow users to integrate it with other systems for enhanced results, the developer added.

The device utilizes sensors to provide 360-degree protection from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), allowing it to neutralize drone swarm threats.

The system also offers users real-time situational awareness to respond to UAV threats.

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