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Egypt Unveils New Naval Base on Mediterranean Sea

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday led the inauguration of a new strategic naval base located on the Mediterranean Sea, near the country’s border with Libya.

The new military facility is designed to secure Egypt’s northern and western front, preserve economic capabilities, and ensure the safety of maritime shipping routes. It is also expected to help maintain maritime security by utilizing combat groups.

The naval base, named after the date July 3, 2013, to commemorate the overthrowing of President Mohamed Morsi, will also launch centers for logistical support of Egyptian forces in the Red and Mediterranean Seas.

Egypt’s Naval Forces Commander Ahmed Khaled believes that the establishment of a new military facility proves the country’s growing capabilities to modernize its armed forces. He also claimed that the new base sends out a message of peace and development.

Continuing Military Modernization

In recent years, Egyptian government has been exerting efforts to modernize its military by purchasing high-powered weapons and opening bases across the nation. As of today, Egypt already has four naval bases in the Mediterranean and one in the Red Sea.

In May, Egypt’s military confirmed that it ordered 30 Rafale fighter jets in an effort to bolster national security.

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