Canada Deploys First Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship

The Canadian Navy has officially commissioned its first Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship as part of its National Shipbuilding Strategy.

Named in honor of Canadian naval hero Vice Admiral Harry DeWolf, the new ship has been designed to patrol Canada’s northernmost regions and offshore waters, bolstering the navy’s ability to conduct a wide variety of operations abroad.

“HMCS Harry DeWolf and the Arctic and Offshore Patrol ships that will follow it into service will enable the Royal Canadian Navy to maintain an enhanced presence in Canada’s North, to patrol and protect our Arctic sovereignty, and to keep Canada safe and strong at home,” Canada’s Minister of National Defence Harjit S. Sajjan said.

“We are witnessing a moment in history, and I wish HMCS Harry DeWolf and its crew the very best as they prepare to embark on their first operational deployment,” he added.

The new vessel will reportedly transit through the country’s Northwest Passage and circumnavigate North America beginning in the fall. It will also support operations in the Eastern Pacific and the Caribbean.

‘Representing the Future’

Acting Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, Chris Sutherland, revealed that his troops were excited with the acquisition and deployment of the HMCS Harry DeWolf.

He further remarked that the new ship represents what the future holds for the Canadian naval forces. “It represents the modern and capable ships that the sailors of tomorrow will be crewing; it represents the future, and that future is here,” he stated.

Meanwhile, HMCS Harry DeWolf commanding officer Corey Gleason expressed his gratitude to the developers for their incredible work.

He also stated that he has been “eagerly anticipating this moment, knowing that each and every sailor on board stands proud and ready to serve in this incredible ship.”

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