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Taiwan Military to Test 105mm US Tank Guns

Taiwan will mount two sets of M68A2 105mm tank guns on domestically-made armored vehicles as part of the country’s research and development on mobile gun systems.

The high-powered firearms purchased from the US are expected to become the main weapon of Taiwanese-built CM-32 Clouded Leopards, while a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun will serve as a secondary weapons system.

Reports say all combat vehicles equipped with 105mm guns will replace outdated tanks used by infantry battalions. The vehicles are said to increase the mobility and firepower of the armed forces.

Last year, the US government approved the export of M68A2 105mm tank guns to Taiwan. A state-owned corporation even asked for inclusion of mechanical blueprints and technical documents in the agreement.

Aside from confirming plans to test the new tank guns, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said the country hopes to develop 105mm armor-piercing rounds for the military.

Continuing Military Upgrade

On April 29, Taiwan unveiled its first coast guard vessel that can be converted into a warship to counter increasing threats from China. The vehicle is also equipped with advanced medical facilities such as an operating theater and isolation wards.

“I believe, after the delivery, training and commissioning of Chiayi as well as the completion of other relevant shipbuilding projects, the coast guard will be able to bolster its patrol capacity while ensuring the safety of law enforcement officials,” Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said at the time.

The country’s National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology also conducted a series of tests of its Sky Bow III missile, designed to engage medium and long-range aerial threats such as aircraft and enemy missiles.

Defense Minister Lee Shih-Chiang also announced that the country hopes to purchase cruise missiles from the US in an attempt to strengthen the island’s ability to strike back in the event of war with China.

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