Russian Shipbuilder Unveils Submersible Patrol Vessel 

A Russian shipbuilding company has developed a surface patrol vessel that can also operate submerged.

The vessel combines the characteristics of a submarine and a patrol vessel, according to manufacturer Rubin Central Design Bureau.

The vessel’s ability to submerge allows it to stealthily conduct surveillance and operate uninterruptedly in harsh weather conditions.

Patrolling and Reconnaissance

“A submersible vessel can be used as a classic submarine for reconnaissance and other tasks. A diving patrol ship will have broader possibilities than a surface vessel to survey the shelf,” the company said in a statement.

“It will also serve as an inexpensive training tool to train crews and prepare infrastructure for purchasing classic submarines in the future,” it added.

Dubbed Strazh (Guard) locally and BOSS (Border and Offshore Submersible Sentry) abroad, the vessel resembles a Whiskey-class submarine (Project 613) of the Cold War period, Naval Technology wrote.

It should be around 60 meters (197 feet) to 70 meters long (230 feet), depending on the configuration, with a surface displacement of around 1,000 tons, according to the news outlet.

Can Accommodate Crew of 42

Strazh will be able to accommodate a crew of up to 42 people and can carry torpedoes, small guided missiles, and an autocannon, Naval Technology added.

To make it cost-effective, Rubin has used existing “serial-produced” equipment to construct the vessel for export.

“The cost of patrol ships is relatively low on the world market, which makes them acceptable for countries with small budgets. [The cost of] operation is recouped through the prevention of poaching and other economic offenses,” Rubin stated.

“The ships of this type are multifunctional and can be used for protection and as rescue or research vessels.”

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