Russia Establishing First Robot Tank Unit

In a bid to further strengthen its firepower amidst increasing tension with Ukraine, the Russian government said it is now setting up its first military unit featuring strike robots.

The special unit will be armed with remotely-piloted “Uran-9” tanks, which can be outfitted with 30mm automatic gun turrets, flamethrowers, and anti-tank missiles.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Friday visited the 766th Production and Technological Enterprise, developer of the robotic vehicles. He ordered improvements in the technical capacity of the equipment and to ensure substantial resistance to electromagnetic radiation.

“As Chief of the Army General Staff Vasily Tonkoshurov reported to the defense minister, the first unit with strike robots will be set up in the Russian Armed Forces to operate five Uran-9 robotic systems or 20 combat vehicles,” he said.

“We expect to continue expanding the range of robots, which, of course, are already in demand in the military today,” Shoigu added.

The Russian military says training will be held for personnel authorized to operate the Uran-9.

‘Shortcomings Were Identified’

Last week, Uran-9 manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern revealed that the robot tanks had already been tested in Syria.

Company General Director Vladimir Dmitriev explained that they were able to resolve several problems during the testing phase.

“Shortcomings were identified during the tests in Syria,” he said. “In particular, the issues of control, reduced mobility, and unsatisfactory military intelligence and surveillance functions had been considered by engineers and were rectified.”

Russia Continues to Strengthen Firepower

Last week, Russian representatives stated that a submarine armed with a nuclear drone able to carry out missions in any part of the world will be deployed in the Pacific.

Recent satellite images also revealed a continuing build-up of Russian military bases and hardware, as well as an underground facility, on the country’s Arctic coastline.

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