Russian security service member killed in shooting near FSB headquarters

A member of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) was killed on Thursday, December 19 in a shootout with a gunman in central Moscow, state media said, quoting the FSB.

A single gunman opened fire outside the headquarters of the FSB, Russia’s main intelligence service, on Lubyanka Square in central Moscow, before he was “neutralized” by the security services, Tass and Interfax reported.

Two other FSB officers were seriously injured, and five people were injured in total, Tass reported the health ministry as saying.

Video from the social media website Instagram, shared by the Moscow Times, showed people fleeing gunfire in the area.

The FSB denied other reports that three shooters were involved, saying there was only one and he had been killed before he was able to enter the FSB building.

No motive has been established for the attack, which comes after President Vladimir Putin’s annual speech, and on the eve of Russia’s day of the security forces.

With reporting from AFP

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