Cummins debuts battery hybrid power generation system for military

Cummins is debuting its Tactical Energy Storage Unit, the first battery hybrid power generation system for military use, during the AUSA 2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, D.C. from October 14 to 16.

The batteries used on the unit have been designed for mobile outdoor use with an IP66-rated enclosure, which is meant to ensure greater durability in extreme environmental conditions. According to the company, the Tactical Energy Storage Unit reduces the frequency and magnitude of voltage disturbances during rapid changes of load demand.

In addition, Cummins also embedded a three-phase 60-kilowatt bidirectional inverter to enable the system to convert the energy stored in the batteries and produce higher power quality.

“This Tactical Energy Storage Unit offers a total integrated power system for any critical military operation and delivers improved, increased microgrid resilience, greater reliability and reduces the need of costs associated with generator maintenance,” the company said in a release on Monday. 

Such safety features as high voltage interlock loop (HVIL) connectors and a master service disconnect component guarantee a safe, reliable and smooth operation no matter the conditions, according to Cummins.

“When paired with the Cummins Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPS) generators, the tactical energy storage unit helps further reduce the need for fuel, further reduces costs and most importantly it significantly increases the safety of troops in combat,” the company said.

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