DTC showcases new IP mesh technology for surveillance operations  

MeshUltra provides protection against jamming and can deliver in tough environments

Domo Tactical Communications is showcasing its latest IP mesh technology, MeshUltra, which continues to operate in the presence of interference which would bring down other wireless networks, during the AUSA 2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, D.C. on October 14 to 16.

DTC, which focuses on IP mesh networks and video technology, called MeshUltra a “truly mobile system” that provides protection against jamming and can deliver in environments “too tough for other radio solutions to cope.”

DTC’s MeshUltra Tactical IP Mesh waveform allows for data exchange between wireless nodes in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint configurations, delivering increased range, greater reliability and higher throughput.

The DTC Mesh reconfigures as nodes move, selecting the best route to send data.

“When one node can no longer operate, the rest of the nodes continue to communicate with each other – there is no Network ‘Master’ and no single point of failure,” the company explained in an October 7 press release.

DTC’s Video Product Director Rob Garth said the system is already being used by customers in the field.

“With the advantage of increased bandwidth options (1.25-20MHz) and the capability for at least 64 nodes, plus an industry-leading selection of form factors, power levels and frequency bands, DTC can offer solutions for an ever-increasing range of customer requirements,” he said.

DTC, a Virginia-based company, has a portfolio of products that form an integrated surveillance and communications network. It works with military, law enforcement, counter-terror units, and governments, among other clients.

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