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Denmark police charge 2 in investigation into shipping drones to ISIS

Long-term investigation centers on shipping drones, parts and cameras to Syria and Iraq via Turkey

Copenhagen police arrested and charged two people with involvement in attempted terrorism abroad as part of a case linked to attempts to send drones to Islamic State in Syria.

Working closely with the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET), the two were detained in connection with a long-term investigation, Copenhagen Police said in a Wednesday, September 26 release. The two are suspected of being part of a network that is part of the case.

“The case concerns procurement and facilitation of objects, including drones, from Denmark to IS in Syria/Iraq to be used for combat actions,” the release said, adding that police and PET “have conducted a series of investigations in Greater Copenhagen in connection with the case.”

Islamic State has long used small remote-controlled drones both for reconnaissance and to film attacks, and to drop small bombs.

The pair will appear in court on Thursday. Prosecutors will ask for a closed doors hearing, citing the ongoing investigation.

According to DR News, the two men belonged to radical Islamist groups in Denmark and were known to police. The Defense Post has not independently confirmed the details of the report.

It is unclear whether the case relates to arrests in Copenhagen in 2017, when a man was charged with similar activity.

In September 2017, a 28-year-old man appeared in court for allegedly sending drones, unmanned aerial vehicle components and infrared cameras that were destined for Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, AP reported.

Police seized computers, professional drone equipment and cameras as part of that investigation.

Police said at the time there was a “strong suspicion” that he was taking part in terrorist activities abroad by buying and shipping the equipment through Turkey. They said an international arrest warrant had been issued for a man who they believed to be in Turkey and suspected of receiving the shipped items.

The man was arrested with a woman who was later released under anti-terror laws for sending items “to be used in combat” from Denmark to Syria and Iraq. A PET official said they “intended to support” ISIS.

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