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Rukban residents remain trapped in Syrian no-man’s land

Life has been devastating for the thousands of displaced Syrians living in Rukban camp, a barren no man’s land on the Jordan-Syria border, where food and water is sparse and lawlessness abounds. This already dire humanitarian situation has been intensified in the last few months, as airstrikes and fighting from Syria’s civil war edges closer towards those trapped along the border.

With Syrian government troops making swift advances against rebel forces in the county’s south-east, Syrians seeking refuge by the Jordanian border are fearful for their lives, existing in a state of “serious distress and panic,” U.N. agencies said in August.

Last month, around five thousand Syrians fled east from Hadalat camp to the relative safety of Rukban, running from shelling and nearby fighting between Syrian rebels and government troops, according to local reports. Hundreds more are reportedly flowing in from Deir ez-Zor, the largest city in eastern Syria where rebel and government forces have launched separate offensives against Islamic State.

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With Syrian Forces Approaching, Rukban Residents Remain Trapped in No-Man’s Land

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