Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP)

  • Jul- 2020 -
    9 July
    CommentaryIslamic extremists in Africa.

    How Islamic State Could Utilize COVID-19 Woes as Catalyst for African Resurgence

    Islamic State appears to have rebounded from its defeat in the Levant and is utilizing security and economic gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to launch a resurgence in Africa.

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  • 9 July
    AfricaNigerian soldiers traveling on the back of a pick-up truck.

    Jihadists Kill 23 Soldiers in Nigeria Ambush: Security Sources 

    Fighters affiliated with the Islamic State West African Province ambushed a Nigerian military convoy Tuesday, killing 23 soldiers, anonymous security sources say. The military downplayed its losses.

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  • Jun- 2020 -
    29 June
    AfricaNigerian army soldiers stand at a base

    Jihadists in NE Nigeria Kill 11, Others Missing: Security Sources

    At least nine Nigerian soldiers and two members of a civil defense militia were killed in a jihadist attack on a civilian convoy in northeast Borno state.

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  • 19 June
    AfricaNigerian army soldiers stand at a base

    Nigeria Attacks Spark Fears of Bloodier Jihadist Strategy

    People in northeast Nigeria are no strangers to horror after a decade-long jihadist insurgency, but a flurry of bloody assaults has ramped up fears that a powerful jihadist faction may be opening a grim new chapter.

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  • 14 June
    Africaboko harm blast

    Jihadists Kill Dozens in Northeast Nigeria Attacks

    Jihadists linked to the Islamic State group killed dozens of people in the latest of a flurry of bloody attacks in northeast Nigeria, local sources said Sunday.  Inhabitants of remote Goni Usmanti village told AFP that fighters gunned down 38 people in a raid on Saturday and set a truck ablaze, killing an unknown number of passengers.  Security sources and residents said at least 15 people, including nine soldiers, died hours later in a second attack by the jihadists on the town of Monguno, 40 miles away.  The killings are the latest in a spike of assaults by fighters believed to be from the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) faction after they massacred 81 people at a village in the area on Tuesday. Jihadists in pickup trucks on Saturday shot dead fleeing residents in Goni Usmanti after brief clashes with members of a local government-backed militia, sources said.  “The insurgents killed 38 people, including six vigilantes who put up a fight before they were overpowered,” local self-defense group leader Babakura Kolo said. Resident Grema Nuwaisu gave the same toll and said the fighters had also opened fire on a lorry loaded with traders, burning the vehicle and those inside.  …

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  • 10 June
    AfricaNigerian army soldiers stand at a base

    Death Toll From Nigeria Jihadist Attack Rises to 69

    The death toll from an attack by jihadists linked to the Islamic State group on a village in northeast Nigeria has risen to 69, security sources and residents said Wednesday.

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  • 8 June
    AfricaIslamic State militants in Nigeria

    Jihadists Kill Six Nigerian Troops: Sources

    Jihadists have killed six Nigerian troops in an attack on a military base in northeast Nigeria, army sources said Sunday.

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  • May- 2020 -
    27 May
    AfricaCameroon military personnel

    Five Jihadists, Two Soldiers Killed in Cameroon Clash

    Two soldiers were killed early on Tuesday when jihadists attacked a military position in northern Cameroon after crossing from Nigeria, sources said, while seven other soldiers were injured in a mine blast in the same village. The device exploded when the soldiers’ vehicle was passing, according to an army colonel. Both the explosion and the overnight attack took place at Soueram, close to the Nigerian border in Cameroon’s Far North region, the colonel and a local official told AFP. “Two Cameroonian soldiers were killed” in the overnight assault, while five jihadists died in the counter-attack, the colonel said. The attack was claimed by Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist activity. ISWAP is a splinter group of Nigeria’s Boko Haram, which has led a bloody 11-year campaign against perceived Western influence. An army vehicle was destroyed and the jihadists made off with a piece of heavy weaponry, he said, speaking on condition of anonymity. A local leader, who also asked not to be identified, confirmed the attack and the toll, adding that there were no civilian casualties. The Far North is an impoverished tongue of land that lies between Chad to the east and …

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  • Feb- 2020 -
    21 February
    AfricaArmed Reaper drones support Operation Barkhane

    French actions ‘neutralize 50 terrorists’ near Mopti in central Mali

    The France-led Operation Barkhane targeted ISIS and al-Qaeda affiliated fighters near Mopti in central Mali, 'neutralizing' around 50 militants

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  • 12 February
    AfricaUS Army Trains Nigeria Infantry

    AFRICOM shifts strategy from degrading to containing West Africa insurgents, OIG report says

    United States Africa Command has shifted its strategy from degrading violent extremist organizations in West Africa to simply containing their spread

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