• Jun- 2020 -
    3 June
    Middle EastParly in UAE

    UAE Still a Top Client as French Arms Sales Fall

    French arms sales dropped nearly 8.6 percent last year to 8.3 billion euros ($9.3 billion) from 2018, with the United Arab Emirates — a key player in the Yemen conflict — still a leading client, a government report said Tuesday. France is regularly criticized by rights groups for arms sales to clients such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which are embroiled in a long campaign against Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen that has claimed tens of thousands of civilian lives. A report presented to the French parliament Tuesday showed orders from Europe had grown to 3.47 billion euros — 45 percent of the total, up from a mere quarter the previous year. Belgium accounted for 1.8 million euros in sales. Middle Eastern clients represented about 30 percent last year with 2.15 billion euros in sales — down from almost 50 percent in 2018 — headed by the UAE with 1.5 billion euros and Saudi Arabia with 208.9 million euros. The numbers, “achieved in a context of particularly fierce competition confirming America’s supremacy and the emergence of new major exporters, particularly China … consolidates France’s place in the top five of global exporters,” said the report. In terms of deliveries, 2019 …

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  • May- 2020 -
    20 May
    Middle EastHouthi fighters in Yemen

    30 Years After Unity Dream, Fragmented Yemen Faces Reality

    Thirty years after unification, Yemen is on the verge of fragmentation as a result of armed conflicts, regional rivalries, and foreign interference.

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  • Apr- 2020 -
    9 April
    Middle EastHouthi fighters in Yemen

    Yemen’s Houthi rebels reject ceasefire with Saudi-led coalition

    Yemen's Houthi rebels rejected a ceasefire declared by the Saudi-led coalition against the northern faction, accusing Riyadh of violations

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  • 8 April
    Middle EastThe road to Yemen's key port city Hodeidah

    Saudi-led coalition declares Yemen ceasefire due to coronavirus

    The Saudi-led coalition against Yemen's Houthi rebels declared a two-week ceasefire to slow the spread of coronavirus

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