East China Sea

Located in the Pacific Ocean east of Shanghai, the East China Sea covers about 1,249,000 square kilometers (482,000 square miles) between mainland China and the Ryukyu Islands.

To the north is the Yellow Sea, and Taiwan and the South China Sea border it on the south.

  • Aug- 2019 -
    27 August
    Chinese guided-missile frigate Yancheng

    China to hold new military exercises in East China Sea near Taiwan

    China has said it will stage military exercises in the East China Sea near Taiwan this week, with relations tense between Beijing and the self-ruled island

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  • Jun- 2019 -
    7 June
    USS Chancellorsville

    US and Russia navies accuse each other of unsafe maneuvers in Indo-Pacific

    Russia and the U.S. have accused each other of unsafe maneuvers in the Indo-Pacific, each saying vessels from the other’s navies put crews and ships at risk. Russia on Friday, June 7 accused a U.S. naval ship of carrying out a dangerous maneuver by sailing within 50 meters of a Russian naval vessel in the East China Sea. The USS Chancellorsville guided-missile cruiser suddenly turned early Friday while sailing alongside Russia’s Admiral Vinogradov anti-submarine ship, and cut across the course of the Russian vessel, Interfax news agency reported, citing the press service of Russia’s Pacific Fleet. The ships passed at a distance of just 50 m (164 feet), the fleet said. The Russian ship had to carry out an emergency maneuver to avoid collision, the navy said, adding that it had sent a message of protest to the U.S. cruiser’s commanders. Admiral Viktor Kravchenko, Russia’s former navy chief of staff, accused the U.S. of “hooliganism” in comments to Interfax news agency. The U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet hit back on Friday, saying: “At approximately 11:45 am on June 7, 2019 while operating in the Philippine Sea, a Russian destroyer (Udaloy I DD 572) made an unsafe maneuver against USS Chancellorsville (CG-62), …

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  • Jan- 2018 -
    11 January
    Japanese Coast Guard Cutters stand watch over the Senkaku islands/Diaoyu islands in 2012.

    Japan protests after Chinese naval frigate spotted near disputed islands

    Japan protested after a Chinese naval frigate was spotted on patrol near the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

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