• Jun- 2020 -
    18 June
    Middle EastA general view shows the US embassy across the Tigris river in Iraq's capital Baghdad on January 3, 2020.

    Rockets Hit Baghdad’s Green Zone for the Fifth Time in 10 Days

    Rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone, home to the US embassy, on Thursday, the fifth such attack in 10 days.

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  • 18 June
    Middle EastTurkey and Iraqi military exercises

    Turkey Hits PKK in Iraq: Why Now and How Far Could It Go?

    Turkey launched a rare ground assault into northern Iraq, deploying special forces against rebels from the Kurdistan Workers' Party which is blacklisted by Ankara as a 'terrorist' group.

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  • 17 June
    Middle EastTurkish and US military vehicles apparently near Manbij, Syria

    Turkey Deploys Troops Against Kurdish Rebels in Iraq

    Turkey launched an air and ground offensive against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq on Wednesday, in a move likely to increase friction with the Baghdad government. The defense ministry said “commandos” moved in supported by drones and helicopters, following a bombardment with rocket launchers and artillery guns that hit more than 150 targets. It added that the operation, dubbed “Claw-Tiger,” came after a “recent upsurge in attacks on our police stations and military bases” near the Iraqi border. Turkey carried out air strikes earlier this week that drew an angry response from Iraq, which labeled them “a violation of sovereignty.” The Turkish military regularly carries out operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in southeast Turkey and its rear bases across the border. The operation on Sunday night saw raids in the northern Iraqi territories of Kandil, Sinjar, and Hakurk. ‘Natural Right’ President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan‘s ruling party spokesman defended Turkey’s actions. “Turkey continues its effective fight against terror using its rights based on international law,” Omer Celik said on Twitter. “It is our most natural right and duty to fight against terrorists who attack our borders, citizens and security forces.” The PKK, which has fought an insurgency against the Turkish state since …

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  • 16 June
    Middle EastBaghdad International Airport, Iraq

    Rockets Hit Near Baghdad Airport: Iraq Military

    Three rockets hit near Baghdad airport overnight without causing any damage, Iraq's security forces said on Tuesday, marking the fourth such attack in just over a week.

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  • 15 June
    Middle EastJoint US-Turkey ground patrols in Syria

    Drone Strike in Syria Kills Two Jihadist Leaders: Monitor

    A drone attack in northwestern Syria killed two commanders of an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group on Sunday, a war monitor said.

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  • 12 June
    Middle EastIraqi soldiers train on M1 Abrams tanks

    US to Reduce Troops in Iraq ‘Over Coming Months’

    The United States promised Thursday to reduce troops from Iraq over the coming months after talks with Baghdad, where lawmakers have pushed for their withdrawal.

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  • 12 June
    Middle EastFrench soldiers deployed to Operation Barkhane in the Sahel

    ‘Capture Not Possible:’ France’s Desert Operation Against Al-Qaeda Chief

    The French military, for the first time, provided details on Thursday of how late last week it 'neutralized' Abdelmalek Droukdel, the 'the third deputy' of Al-Qaeda's leader.

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  • 10 June
    AfricaSomali National Army

    Three Civilians Dead in AU Firefight With Al Shabaab in Somalia

    The African Union said that three civilians were killed and two others injured during a firefight between its forces in Somalia and Islamists from the Al Shabaab group.

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  • 4 June
    AfricaFormer Libyan General Khalifa Haftar.

    Libya Unity Government Claims Full Control of Tripoli, Suburbs

    Libya’s UN-recognised unity government said Thursday that it was back in full control of the capital and its suburbs after more than a year of fighting off an offensive by eastern strongman Khalifa Haftar. “Our heroic forces have full control of Greater Tripoli right up to the city limits,” Mohamad Gnounou, spokesman for the forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA), said in a Facebook post. The announcement came after GNA forces retook the capital’s civilian airport on Wednesday, more than a year after losing it in Haftar’s initial drive on the capital. The airport, in Tripoli’s southern outskirts, had been disused since 2014 when it was heavily damaged in fighting between rival militias. “Our forces are continuing their advance, chasing the terrorist militias from the walls of Tripoli,” said the GNA’s Deputy Defense Minister Salah Namrush. “Some of their commanders are fleeing towards Bani Walid airport,” in the interior 170 kilometers (110 miles) southeast of the capital, he added on Facebook. Footage of GNA troops manning positions held until recently by Haftar’s fighters was widely circulated on Libyan television channels and social media. The fighting for the capital had killed hundreds and forced around 200,000 people to flee. GNA forces, …

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  • 2 June
    AfricaLibyan General Khalifa Haftar

    Libya Rivals Agree Return to Ceasefire Talks: UN

    The United Nations’ Libya mission said Tuesday the country’s warring parties had agreed to restart talks aimed at reaching a lasting ceasefire, after a three-month suspension. In a statement, UNSMIL “welcomed” moves by the Government of National Accord and forces backing eastern-based military commander Khalifa Haftar to accept “restarting negotiations on a ceasefire and the related security arrangements.” Pro-Haftar forces have been battling since April last year to seize the capital Tripoli from the UN-recognised GNA, in fighting that has left hundreds dead and forced 200,000 to flee their homes. A military commission made up of five GNA loyalists and five Haftar delegates held talks in February, but the dialogue was suspended. A January truce brokered by GNA backer Turkey and key Haftar ally Russia has been repeatedly violated. Neither side immediately commented on the UN statement. Haftar’s rapid advance on Tripoli last year stalled to a bloody stalemate on the edges of the capital. In recent weeks, GNA forces buoyed by Turkish drones and air defense systems have taken back a string of coastal towns and a key airbase, Haftar is supported by neighboring Egypt and the United Arab Emirates as well as Russia. The UN mission urged “states backing either …

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