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After Oshkosh’s Loss, US Army Begins JLTV Contract With AM General

The US Army has begun awarding contracts to AM General to build its Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) previously manufactured by Oshkosh Defense.

The Indiana-based automotive firm recently received $11.6 million to manufacture and deliver an undisclosed number of JLTVs.

According to a Pentagon announcement, the work will be performed in South Bend, Indiana, with an estimated completion date of February 2033.

A Hard-Fought Battle

In February 2023, AM General won a recompete contract over Oshkosh Defense to provide 20,000 JLTVs for the US Army.

Oshkosh initially received the deal in 2015, but the service exercised the option to open bidding again to find a cheaper offer.

Oshkosh protested the move, saying the government did not adequately review the bids’ financial, technical, and manufacturing specifications.

But a protest response published by the US Government Accountability Office upheld the decision, saying the army “reasonably and equally conducted discussions” before issuing its verdict.

New Version

AM General has introduced a new version of the JLTV, the A2.

It is powered by a next-generation Duramax engine and is also equipped with a 24-volt lithium-ion battery.

The upgraded platform also boasts improved corrosion protection that addresses previous issues found in the A1.

“We combine our unmatched Light Tactical Vehicle experience with the proven transformative commercial manufacturing initiatives necessary to produce and deliver the JLTV A2 equipped with technical enhancements that surpass requirements,” the company wrote on its website.

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