US Marine Corps Buys 200 Tactical Robots From Israel

The US Marine Corps has ordered 200 tactical robots from Israel in a deal worth $30 million.

Israeli unmanned systems manufacturer Roboteam announced the news earlier this week, specifying that the systems under order are its Micro Tactical Ground Robots (MTGRs).

The MTGR is a lightweight, highly-maneuverable unmanned system designed to perform tasks that are otherwise impossible for existing ground vehicles. 

It can climb stairs and navigate through tight spaces, making it suitable for surveillance, tactical maneuvers, and dangerous explosive ordnance disposal missions.

According to Roboteam, the robots will be manufactured in the US, with final assembly to take place at its American partner, Mistral Inc.

They are expected to be delivered by the first quarter of 2025.

‘Unmatched Battlefield Supremacy’

The MTGR is reportedly built with unparalleled performance and adaptability to ensure that it maintains superiority in navigating and overcoming field challenges.

One of its unique features is the ability to right itself after falling, thereby increasing its survivability and mission efficiency.

Weighing only 15 kilograms (33 pounds), the man-portable robotic platform is the second lightest robot in Roboteam’s inventory.

The company said the US Marines will receive a customized version of the MTGR to meet their operational needs and maintain unmanned battlefield supremacy.

“We are honored that the US Marine Corps has selected the MTGR to enhance their arsenal of combat engineering robotics. Proudly selected by Tier-1 customers globally, our unmanned platforms empower defense forces to execute missions efficiently while prioritizing soldier safety,” Roboteam chief executive Matan Shirvi said.

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