Wave Motion Announces $1.6M in Funding to Develop US Army Jet Gun

Wave Motion has announced a further $1.6-million in funding to develop the US Army’s next tactical indirect fire capability.

The American startup said in a recent press release that it is working with the service’s DEVCOM Armaments Center to prototype and test a version of its jet gun technology.

The Jet gun is a weapon that fires a jet of supersonic gas that can push a projectile toward its target at very high speeds.

Since there is no physical structure or barrel surrounding the projectile, the system has the potential to be 90 percent more compact than conventional rockets or cannons of equivalent power.

“The projectile is placed in front of the nozzle, receiving a force that quickly accelerates the payload,” according to Wave Motion. “Unlike a rocket engine, the jet is under-expanded to create a longer stream of supersonic gas.”

Initial Funding

In 2022, Wave Motion received an initial $1.3 million to develop the barrel-less launcher technology.

Winning the US Army’s xTech Pacific competition the following year allowed the company to advance the development of its weapon prototype.

Wave Motion's jet gun
Wave Motion’s jet gun during trials. Photo: Wave Motion

During the event, the weapon showcased some promising capabilities, including launching various projectiles without being constrained to a particular caliber.

This capability makes the jet gun ideal in logistically-compromised environments where one type of ammunition may not be available.

Additionally, the weapon is 50-percent lighter than other indirect fire capabilities, allowing more guns to be transported at once.

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