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CACI to Deliver Man-Packable Counter-Drone System to Canadian Military

CACI International has been selected by the Canadian Armed Forces to deliver a man-packable device for neutralizing unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Called the SkyTracker, the counter-UAS suite is expected to provide its new customer with a layered defense solution for detecting, tracking, and defeating drone threats.

It will include a critical component called BEAM to increase the suite’s detection and mitigation range.

According to the American firm, the “operationally proven” SkyTracker suite can be installed on fixed sites or carried by soldiers or military vehicles.

CACI’s man-packable counter-drone solution. Photo: CACI

It can also support rapid missions as it can be easily fielded by soldiers, thanks to its low size, weight, and power.

“With CACI’s superior technologies, critical sites and personnel are protected by counter-uncrewed capabilities that are operationally proven,” company chief executive John Mengucci said. “This win and future deployments expand the reach of these capabilities with other close partner nations using our technology suite.”

Addressing Ever-Evolving Threats

CACI stated that its counter-UAS suite was developed by its top engineers, who prioritized operator safety and security.

It was designed to protect critical assets, including airports, government facilities, and military bases.

Company engineers also stated that the suite has an open systems architecture to achieve maximum interoperability with other systems.

Mengucci claimed that the new contract will be beneficial to the Canadian military as the country and its allies face the ever-evolving threats of drones.

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