Ukraine Joins Combined Federated Battle Labs Network

Ukraine has joined the Combined Federated Battle Labs Network (CFBLNet) to promote multinational Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) research and development.

The country’s Guest Mission Partner status, received via sponsorship from NATO, will allow it to take part in the network’s training events and interoperability drills.

The country joins 39 other mission partners, including Austria, Australia, and more than 30 NATO countries, in establishing a permanent global network used to simulate training environments and de-risk command and control capabilities.

“Our cooperation with NATO is expanding its scope. We aspire towards interoperability with partners, and our systems have long proven themselves during joint exercises,” Ukraine Deputy Minister of Defence Kateryna Chernohorenko said.

“We are grateful for Ukraine’s invitation to yet another initiative.”

A Multinational Platform

The CFBLNet’s partnership with Ukraine opens the possibility for sharing interoperability expertise among its members, offering a cost-effective global federated network infrastructure.

Initially built in 1999 as a permanent support infrastructure for US command and control demonstrations, the network is now made up of more than 400 sites in 26 nations, overseen by NATO, the US, and the Combined Communications Electronics Board.

No single nation owns the CFBLNet infrastructure, and it is instead funded and maintained independently by each member nation via segmented networks and systems.

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