Nammo, Raytheon Team up for Critical Solid Rocket Motor Production

Nammo has signed a deal with Raytheon to introduce new critical solid rocket motor manufacturing lines at its Perry, Florida, site.

The agreement was made to ensure a reliable and independent domestic source of rocket motors for current and future weapon systems.

Raytheon will serve as a merchant supplier for the initiative, leading the cause to bring critical capacity and capability in solid rocket motor manufacturing from Nammo’s experience in Norway to their expansion in the US.

“We are building on our long-standing relationship with Nammo and are eager to see Nammo’s US operations develop to ensure we can meet the current and future demand of our domestic and international customers,” Raytheon President Phil Jasper said.

Nammo’s newly expanded facility is scheduled to open in 2027.

Nammo’s US Initiatives

Nammo has partnered with the US Department of Defense multiple times to promote the forces’ stronger arms posture.

The company became a part of the Tactical High-speed Offensive Ramjet for Extended Range (THOR-ER) program, a joint project between the US and the Norwegian Ministry of Defense to develop advanced technologies applicable to long-range high-speed and hypersonic weapons.

The countries completed the first flight of the THOR-ER missile in 2022, just two years after the initiative was announced.

Nammo also teamed up with Boeing to develop the Ramjet 155 artillery projectile, capable of being fired from a cannon and demonstrating flight stability via well-controlled engine combustion.

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