Luxembourg to Renovate Military Centers in Waldhof, Bleesdall

Luxembourg has approved bills to refurbish a military camp in Waldhof and a shooting range facility in Bleesdall.

The construction project is part of the government’s broader effort to reorganize and upgrade multiple armed forces estates across the country.

Luxembourg’s defense ministry wrote that the signing is a step to significantly improving the operability of the Waldhof and Bleesdall infrastructures, considering that the sites were established in the 1950s and had received no major renovations since.

In Waldhof, the government will spend 81.5 million euros ($88.6 million) to rebuild the center’s ammunition depot to NATO storage management standards.

Another 71.5 million euros ($77.7 million) will be used to transform Bleesdall’s shooting range according to the advanced training requirements of allied forces.

Both areas will receive additional modifications to secure the health, safety, and working conditions of troops.

Military range
Military range. Photo: Luxembourg Armed Forces

Critical Effort

The Waldhof and Bleesdall rehabilitation will be performed in parallel with the extension of the Grand-Duc Jean barracks in Herrenberg, Diekirch.

Upon completion, the overall initiative will support the binational combat reconnaissance battalion between the country and Belgium.

“These two projects are essential for our army,“ Defence MinisterYuriko Backes remarked. “The infrastructures dating from the post-war period are no longer suitable for an army undergoing transformation, who must be able to face current and future security challenges.”

“And if we want to attract more young women and men to the noble task of military service, we must also offer them an adequate working environment.”

Other Construction Projects

Luxembourg began a separate construction project in April for two NATO administrative buildings in Capellen.

In February, the country sent additional funding to the Estonian government to revamp a NATO air force base in Ämari.

Last year, Luxembourg and the US conducted a ground-breaking ceremony to expand a European military warehouse in Sanem.

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