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Indian Army Introduces Hexacopter Drone Armed With Machine Gun

The Indian Army has introduced an innovative hexacopter drone that can be mounted with a machine gun to support combat operations.

Called the Sirin Hexadrone, the cutting-edge platform was presented during an integrated small arms firing event for the service’s Western Command.

It features advanced target detection and classification algorithms, which aid in carrying out precision strikes.

Additionally, the drone has encrypted communications to withstand enemy jamming and spoofing attempts.

With a flight endurance of up to 45 minutes, the Sirin can provide continuous surveillance and real-time intelligence gathering.

Its 1-kilogram (2.2-pound) payload capacity also enables it to accommodate an array of armaments — from small arms to grenades and mortars — to adapt to various combat scenarios.

‘Monumental Leap Forward’

Developed by Ikran Aerospace and Technologies, the Sirin Hexadrone boasts a lightweight design and robust capabilities that reportedly make it an ideal platform for demanding applications.

It operates quietly and efficiently, thanks to its environmentally friendly electric propulsion system.

Its main objective is to reduce soldier fatalities and bolster military capabilities.

The company said that the hexacopter drone pushes the boundaries of aerospace innovation to safeguard India’s sovereignty and ensure peace and security.

It also reportedly represents a monumental leap forward in defense technology, further solidifying its role as a force multiplier on today’s battlefield.

“As a veteran soldier and entrepreneur, my mission has always been twofold: to give back to the organization that shaped me and to innovate in ways that could potentially save lives,” Ikran official Vidul Kelshikar said. “It’s a challenge I wholeheartedly embrace.”

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