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US Approves Sidewinder Missile Sale for Romanian F-16s

The US State Department has approved the sale of 300 AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II Missiles and related equipment to Romania.

Bucharest requested the short-range air-to-air missiles to increase the capabilities of its F-16 fleet, acquired from Norway in 2023.

The Raytheon missile has an estimated range of over 10 miles (16 kilometers) and features thrust vectoring maneuverability and an advanced imaging infrared seeker.

$340M Sale

The estimated $340.8-million sale includes 40 AIM-9X block II tactical missile guidance units, 40 AIM-9X block II captive air training missiles, and 20 AIM-9X block II CATM guidance units. 

“The proposed sale will improve Romania’s capability to meet current and future threats by providing air-to-air missiles for its F-16 fleet in support of NATO’s defense mission,” the Defense Security Cooperation Agency stated.

F-16 Modernization Equipment Sale

The US earlier approved the sale of modernization equipment for the Romanian F-16s, including KY-58M secure radio communication modules and KIV-78 Identification Friend or Foe.

A total of 32 used F-16s were bought from Norway for 388 million euros ($418 million).

The aircraft will be serviced before being delivered to Romania.

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